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A bank to rely on…

December 11, 2012

Our daily bread (and beans, tuna and corned beef!)

You’d be forgiven for treating anything with the word ‘bank’ in it with caution. But there is a type of bank that has a better record than most at being honest, helpful, with no catches (a bit like the Indian cricket team, but that’s another story!).

In recent weeks and months, Food Banks have received a lot of publicity in the UK, both locally and nationally. Apart from the usual stories about people getting around the system (which works 99 percent of the time), there was a story in one of the local papers about the current lack of a food bank for Millom. It did recognise that something was being done about it, but these things take time and newspapers are not renowned for their patience!

So the upshot of this is that my wife has been featured on the front page of our local paper here in Cumbria, the North West Evening Mail.

Hopefully, this will also raise awareness of the need for volunteers and other forms of help to make a Food Bank a reality.


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