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January 31, 2013

My new best friend

I finally have to admit it – I am a house husband. My days usually begin with a list (in my head!) of jobs to do around the house. Even had a conversation with a fellow house husband about the best hoover to use for those places around the house that are difficult to reach. Still, I usually have the dog for company. And at least I have some help in these routine tasks. I have recently met a new dishwasher. It’s still early days, but I think I can say that things are going well between us. The arrangement we have worked for all parties (and even the daily dishes). All hail the glorious dishwasher – long may it continue being fed tablets (not the type with those addictive games).

On a more serious note, I have sometimes felt a bit frustrated. Although I have an immediate result to my efforts, they don’t always give me a great sense of satisfaction. That’s where the dog comes in – I take him for a walk (grabbing the lead gratefully with both hands)

My wife is gracious about what I do – she remarked to someone in a meeting that without me, she wouldn’t have clean, ironed clothes to go to work in!

  1. Be encouraged…. I am newly retired and trying to grasp the role of housewife! My husband works and I would much rather sew all day instead of cleaning the kitchen ;0) I totally understand.

  2. I also found myself as a house husband. Served in that capacity for several years before I found fulltime work again. I actually came to enjoy it and still maintsin some of those duties today.

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