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Not (quite) literally…

March 5, 2013
The truth about words...

The truth about words…

Seen recently in my local evening paper – ‘Contact Sports: 01229 ____’ (probably works better if you’ve seen it in print)

What is the correct phrase for an unintentional double meaning – not something risque. Is it a single entredre? Was it worth spending five minutes trying to spell that?

It’s not like the many examples of James Bond, including a scene involving Bond despatching a baddie in a bath by throwing an electrical device in, to which Connery responds:  ‘shocking’.

It’s not a misnomer (e.g. ‘social security’, ‘military intelligence’ etc).

Neither is it a ‘portmanteau’, which means combining two or more words into a new word. So smog (smoke + fog). Mizzle (mist + drizzle, of course).

Or a poor joke: Q – what’s the best shampoo for Irish men? A: Tim O’Tei

Whilst researching this (OK, looking it up on wikipedia) I discovered that lead in pencils is actually made of graphite and clay.

If you’re in doubt, just click below –

Wikipedia tells you about words (and other things)

Even better, can someone tell me the right term for what I found – it’ll bug me…


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